Do you sleep easy or are you having troubles easing into sleep? Would you like to have a deeper sleep and wake up being more relaxed?

It’s quite easy: Just repeat a couple of these affirmations everyday when you are getting ready for bedtime and a couple more when in your bed. You don’t have to say them out loud. Just say them in your mind.


  1. My day is finished and I want to rest.
  2. My bed waits for me and I want to go there.
  3. I release myself from worries and stress.
  4. I like my bed and I feel comfy on my pillow.
  5. My pillow is soft and makes me feel good.
  6. When I go to bed I will feel relaxed and sleepy.
  7. All I have to do is rest.
  8. Tonight I will sleep deeply and dream will.
  9. With every breath I feel more sleepy.
  10. Tomorrow I wake up fresh and relaxed.
  11. Tonight I am calm and sleep fast.
  12. I embrace sleep and sleep embraces me.

Yearning for more?

Stay exited for our upcoming article, explaining how and why affirmations work.

This time we wanted to keep it short with some basic affirmations. But the list isn’t finished and we will add more in the future.


  1. Sleep comes quickly because I’m calm and relaxed.
  2. I love myself and I feel good.
  3. I’m at peace. Tomorrow I can start fresh.

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