You love to laze around and have a difficult time getting up from the couch? Well, you’re a couch potato! We reveal how you can still start workouts that keep you fit or at least get you started – all from comfort of and around your sofa.

Taking time to motivate yourself before and after any training will work wonders. Positive phrases like “I’ll do my best while exercising and I’ll feel great afterwards” help you to stay on track; as does keeping a positivity or gratitude journal where you record everything you did during your day. In addition, it is helpful to have a short personal mantra that can be repeated throughout your workout when staying motivated becomes difficult.

Kickback step-up

One casual exercise you can do from the couch is the kickback step-up. Stand up in front of your couch and optionally hold a weight in your hands. Step onto it with one leg, then bend both arms at the same time before bringing up that second leg to hover behind you a little bit so tense those butt muscles! Do this for a couple of repetitions on each side!

Mountain climbers

The starting position for the “Mountain Climbers” exercise is with both hands on the couch and feet firmly on the floor – hips pointing slightly upwards, back straight. After that, alternately leaping forward with one leg as if sprinting up a mountain! A total of 40 repetitions are recommended, 20 with each leg.

Couch push-up

Rest your hands on the couch and feet on the floor – so that your body is in a straight line from knees to shoulders (wrists under shoulder joints). Then draw your navel in, bend arms and lower torso. Hold for a short time and push up! Plan for ten repetitions in total.

Strong cardiovascular system

The heart pumps around 7,000 liters of blood per day. That’s why cardiovascular health is so important to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other problems that impact the heart. The best way to get your cardiovascular system in shape is by engaging in exercises that have a particular effect on it first: getting off the couch and going outside or onto a treadmill! Interval units offer many advantages – consecutive units strengthen you’re muscles while giving time for them to rest before continuing their work!

Interval training helps you sleep better, reduce stress, and focus on goals. Cardiovascular exercises also include thrusters — a combination of squats and overhead bar presses. This trains both the upper body with the shoulders as well as lower body with your legs. Thrusters are so effective because they activate large muscle mass which boosts heart rate to burn more calories and increase metabolism levels at a quicker pace than other forms of cardio workouts like running or biking that rely solely on cardiovascular health for their results.

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